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Therapy Services for Adults, Couples, especially People of Color in Oakland, CA

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Do Any of the Following Resonate with You?

  • You feel dissatisfied in your relationships
  • You feel like a bad parent
  • You’re worried you can’t get everything done
  • You don’t know how to love yourself
  • You struggle with how mean the world seems

If so, therapy can help.

Therapy Services

Individual therapy for depression and anxiety

You might have been feeling down or depressed for awhile; or experiencing stress, anxiety and overwhelm. You might feel lonely, sad, angry; or be struggling with parenting issues, or not feeling good enough about yourself; or are dealing with a recent relationship break-up or divorce. You might need help to deal with a painful loss, grief, or trauma that has impacted you deeply, or in creating a healthier balance with your work and personal life.

In therapy with me, you can learn new ways of thinking, feeling, doing and being; feel better about yourself; and feel freer in your life. You can get unstuck, feel empowered to improve your important relationships, or move forward in the areas of your life that matter most. With me you can say anything and give full voice to your thoughts and feelings; address what gets in your way presently; practice mindfulness and create new solutions for feeling better and living life more the way you would like.

Individual therapy for depression and anxiety >

Couples Therapy

You and your partner can’t seem to communicate well. You have lots of arguments or discussions that end up in tears or distancing with your partner. Your trust has been betrayed, or you feel lonely and unhappy in your relationship.

In couples therapy with me, you make your relationship stronger and enjoyable again. You’ll feel more closeness and work more like a team. You can learn ways to work through your problems more quickly, that don’t continuously bring you down.

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Signature Course

The stress of living with racism and the negative political climate hurts your body and soul. These times are “unprecedented“; full of uncertainty; difficult (AF); filled with the public health crises of Covid pandemic; racism; threat to our mother earth/Tierra Madre; one disaster or trauma after another…

Your life and YOU might be feeling like a Hot Mess all the time, with so many deep and difficult feelings to bear, that are being touched upon each day (rage, loss, grief, anxiety, uncertainty, powerlessness, loss of control… Etc.).

Now more than ever, especially for Women of Color, it is necessary to develop tools to help us stay steady and with a peaceful heart, as we manage the growing complexities of the times, and the ongoing new challenges we keep having to face. Mindfulness is a main tool for healing racism and combating internalized oppression and creating a sense of liberation.

It is my honor to offer this course and to share the wisdom of mindfulness with you, as we together face the unrest in our outside and inner worlds, toward greater inner and outer peace and healing.

Learn practical and immediate tools to feel calm and less overwhelmed in life, especially these days. Feel relief, support, more connection and a sense of empowerment as you learn to manage your thoughts and feelings, so they don’t manage you. Feel good about being the best partner, parent and professional that you can be.

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Hi, I'm Cindi Rivera

I help Adults, Couples, Teens, especially People of Color with Therapy services here in Oakland. If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed at home or work, working together could help you with feeling more at peace.

I am a warm and compassionate woman of color who creates a safe space for my clients to feel better in work and home life. By listening deeply, I help my people to connect better to themselves and their loved ones, and to use mindfulness tools to live their best life.

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