In the Spirit of Giving

One of the benefits of practicing mindfulness is that you become more generous and freely sharing with others, as you build your own sense of self compassion. Accepting more of your own range of feelings allows you to have more acceptance of others. When you have more awareness of what’s going on inside you, you can’t help but become more aware and attuned to what’s going on with others.

To practice mindfulness is to practice heart-full-ness, open heartedness, generosity, empathy, compassion, kindness, attention to the present moment. Not only is this good for others, but it feels good to be in that giving space – and it’s good for the world.

Giving Tuesday is a good day to be mindful about your own giving practices. I encourage you to connect to that generous heartfelt part of yourself, and have the intention to give as much as you can whenever you can, today especially.

  • You might give some of your time helping a neighbor
  • Or give random acts of kindness to unsuspecting recipients
  • Or give some space to talk and your listening ear to someone who is struggling
  • Or give gentleness in your response to someone who is frustrating you
  • Or give a compliment to someone unrecognized
  • Or give a helping hand to someone in need
  • Give the gift of your honesty to someone who matters to you
  • Give more of the intangibles rather than of things
  • Or give your friendship to someone who’s lonely
  • Give your full attention, without interruption to someone you don’t usually listen to – or better yet, to yourself
  • Or give the act of compassion to someone who has hurt you
  • Give a hug to someone feeling low
  • Give appreciations to everyone in your life – and then give some more
  • Give freely and simply
  • When you are able to give financially, here’s a list of pro-woman, pro-immigrant, pro-earth, anti-bigotry organizations that need your support. Give.

May your gifts of the heart to others gift you back tenfold.

Cindi Rivera, MFT
Listening with Heart
[email protected]
(510) 482-4445

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