It’s Hard Out There

So I’m sending some Care and Calm We already know this pandemic time has wreaked havoc on many (like the whole world); and has lasted for far too long, and has required us to dig deep inside to find our superpowers in order to be able to deal. We already know the fierce and devastating…

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“Step outside of the mud, Daniel-san”

Change is Constant I haven’t been able to write a blog in over three months. And now it’s the end of Mental Health Awareness Month (well, that was back in May, and I never acknowledged it), and over a month past the year’s anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, and over a year of pandemic shut…

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Heart-Full Moments – February 2019

These are the most impactful quotes I have read or heard this month that give me pause, or uplift my heart. Wisdom spoken in just a few words. They reflect what I’ve been reading or learning, or values I share, or what’s been going on in our world. It’s been another very challenging month, and…

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