Parenting, Adolescent and Family Therapy

Raising children can be a challenging and difficult experience, in which there are few guideposts, directions or simple how to’s. Potentially, life with a child can bring many unanticipated joys and delights, especially when you feel the building of the bond with your child. Potentially, life with (the same) child can bring endless conflict or struggle as you experience the frustration or disappointment of not connecting easily, or troubling behavior. Parenting can be stressful, lonely, overwhelming, even when you’re not doing it alone. Parents seek my help when they are wondering if they’ll be good enough parents; or they might have concerns about their child’s behavior in school or at home; or when they can’t agree with their partner about discipline; or to build more family harmony; or to help their kids deal with a divorce or loss they are experiencing.

Parents mostly want to help their kids to feel good about themselves and to get along well with others. While this might sound like an easy task, parents of any age child generally need support to be able to do this well. They must consider their own experiences and childhoods; the tidal wave of pressures from society at large; the opinions of family members; the economics of money, time, space, energy (or lack of) ; their own work and personal life issues, not to mention the needs, capacities and emotions of their children.

In parenting or family therapy consultations with me, I will meet with the parents to explore the many factors affecting your concerns; listen deeply to acknowledge your most important values as a parent, and help you to uncover and develop ways of communicating and relating in your family that enhance and bring out the special connections already there. I will help you to get the support you need to do this difficult, often thankless, but most profound job, and build greater satisfaction for everyone in your family relationships.

To get a sense of my voice and what it feels like to work with me, please listen here for a five minute guided meditation meant to be helpful around handling your emotions related to your parent-child relationships.

If your child is a teenager, and you and he or she believe they could use some help individually, I offer therapy for adolescents. I help teens by listening, building effective communication and relationship skills, helping them to develop and express their most authentic voice, healthy decision-making, self acceptance and mindfulness skills (See Teen Mindfulness Workshop info).

If your child has gone off to college, you might be struggling with some feelings of emptiness. It is not easy to raise someone to adulthood and then have to let them go, and find yourself with no one to parent at home. You don’t have to face all of that alone. You might be interested in a Small Group Workshop called Tending Your Empty Nest. This is meant to provide parents an opportunity to learn mindfulness skills, share, reflect and receive support during this major life transition. (see Empty Nesting).

Please contact me by phone at (510) 482-4445, email or text to arrange an appointment for parenting or family counseling, or for Empty Nesting Support.