About Cindi

I lCindi-Rivera-headshotove the opportunity to be fully present with a client who might be struggling with something current or past, and to experience their sense of uplift after talking with me, being listened to and perhaps learning some new ways to look at their situation. I have worked hard to tend to my own healing from past emotional injuries and self-criticisms and have developed a thoughtful and meaningful way to assist others in their healing journey.

I will listen to you deeply as you unload what hurts. I am non-judgmental and believe in helping you find the gifts present in your feelings – especially the most difficult ones. I’ll help you articulate your feelings and discover your true voice. I try to take care of the holes in my own bucket, so I can be fully receptive and responsive to your needs and concerns. I really care to know and understand what your experience is.

I’ll inquire about your childhood, relationship history, work life, and important influencers in order to see patterns of self-defeating behaviors. Then I gently challenge those behaviors so you can live the life you deserve to live.

I’m brave and fearless about feelings and I’ll help you get comfortable with your own range of emotions. I offer mindfulness skills and tools, which always bring some relief or shift to what’s most painful. I have spent several years developing my own mindfulness practice, and use it regularly to help me deal with difficulties that come up and to ultimately feel better.

You can share your concerns with me and I will help you to hold them and understand them. We’ll move at a pace that is comfortable for you toward a greater sense of peace; teach you mindfulness skills to help build more effective communication, so you are listened to and can listen better; and I will guide you down the path to freedom from the binds of what ails you and toward rich personal empowerment and understanding.

Who’s Cindi?

  • I am a woman of color bilingual therapist who values diversity.
  • I’m easy to trust, and quickly make people feel comfortable and safe.
  • I’m a deep listener with a warm-hearted presence. I don’t interrupt.
  • I am sensitive and feeling-based
  • I am thoughtful, kind, down-to- earth, and deeply present.
  • I make room for all.


I’ve been a therapist working with individuals, couples and families for over 25 years. I received my Masters in Counseling from San Francisco State University and have worked in family service agency; community agencies, parenting organizations and in private practice. For the last eight years I have participated in enriched training for working with couples and for building mindfulness skills.