Signature Mindfulness Course

Oasis Program

Hot Mess to Calm Oasis

– a Six Week (online) Sanctuary for the Woman of Color Soul

Are you a super busy (& super stressed) woman of color who wants to stop feeling so overwhelmed and wants more ease in your Hot Mess life - NOW?!

Do you feel especially distressed with the state of the world, and soul-crushed with the anxiety, heart break and fatigue coming at you from every direction of this multiple pandemic world?

Now more than ever, especially for Women of Color, it is necessary to develop tools to help us stay steady and with a peaceful heart, as we manage the growing complexities of the times, and the ongoing new challenges we keep having to face.

Mindfulness is a main tool for healing racism and combating internalized oppression and creating a sense of peace and liberation.

Yes, you can have what you long for and bring more calm, peace (and empowerment) to your busy life by learning practical mindful tools, a few minutes a day, in a six week online course, with a warm sisterhood community.

I realized when I was doing mindfulness, that I could avoid the usual grand analysis of everyone and everything – and of myself; and just feel the feelings – even the sadness - and that I could still be OK.
– Tianna

Do you struggle with:

  • Constant anxiety, uncertainty, sleepless nights, worry about what’s to come, or a sense of teariness or malaise, or lack of motivation from all the events going on around you?
  • Too much stress and distress in your relationships, family, and work life?
  • So many demands on your time that you constantly feel that there is never enough time?
  • Self-doubt and overwhelm creep in and you feel you don’t have control over your life or emotions?
  • The stress of living with racism and the negative political climate hurts your body and soul?
  • You feel like you’re not being a very good parent, partner or professional, and hate feeling like a Hot Mess all the time?
  • You need help managing the time you think you don’t have?
  • You’re super resilient on the outside, but inside consistently feel anxious and worried, or guilty?
  • You’ve had a recent upset (maybe a fight with your partner or kid; a health scare; a painful break up or loss or just living every day in this hurtful world) and aren’t sure how to proceed?
  • You barely have time to hear yourself think, or know how you feel, let alone take on something else to do?
  • You know self-care is important, but you’ve just not been able to find the time to fit it in or even learn exactly how to do it?
  • You’re afraid your emotions hurt your family members and you don’t know how to stop? Or your feelings feel a little out of control and you want to manage them better?

And you want more:

  • Peace, calm and healing in your heart?
  • Harmony in your family relationships?
  • To be the best parent you can be?
  • To get along better with your partner?
  • To not lose your cool so easily, or not be lost in anxious worry or down on yourself dumps all the time?
  • To share your experience with other women of color?

Learning and using mindfulness skills will help you to feel better on the inside and “be” better on the outside. You will be empowered to create a tangible and doable plan for better self-care.

....You know in your heart and soul that the quality of your life and relationships is intimately connected to your own healthy self care, but you’ve had a hard time creating a space for taking better care of yourself....

I love the live meditations we did during the group calls and hearing feedback from the other students...I was definitely way more chill while on vacation than I normally am and was more patient and present and able to enjoy it all. I found even a little meditation helps, whether you realize it or not.
– Lynn

The challenge is just to be present, but that’s happening more easily and more readily since the course...The course helped me to be more accountable and intentional. Even to just stop for three minutes – to stop and check in on my body - that is restorative and helps me to get perspective. And it doesn’t take long at all to do this. I have more moments where I feel all is as it should be. Everything is right in the world. And it feels good...The course gave me different ways to find a path to mindfulness and lots of the ways really worked for me. It was huge for me and helped me to realize I could do it and it could really work for me. It was so worthwhile. Listening and sharing with other women of color like me was really helpful too.

A convenient nurturing course offering practical tools and insights for developing one’s own personal mindfulness practice. Truly an “oasis” from the “hot mess” of my stressful, demanding life.
– Diana

In this course, you will learn practical and immediate ways to feel calm and less overwhelmed in life with mindfulness skills and tools that can be applied to any area of your life and that will bring you relief, support and a sense of empowerment.

  • You’ll learn how to communicate better with loved ones
  • You’ll feel less shitty all the time
  • You’ll feel more clear, confident, focused and able to manage your big feelings
  • You’ll feel more supported and understood
  • You’ll be able to slow your racing heart down.

This six-week program will help you to create a tangible plan for yourself that will automatically allow you to better take care of yourself so you can be the best partner, parent and professional that you can be. You’ll learn these four core tools:

  • Connecting to your body to improve health
  • Breath Practices to increase calm
  • Managing thoughts and feelings so they don’t manage you
  • Self-compassion and gratitude to empower your sense of wellbeing

By sharing in a warm women of color community who looks like you, you’ll receive support to feel not so alone in life’s overwhelm and experience a welcome respite from other alienating environments. You can share everything from rants to passions to tears & fears, and not be judged for your expression.



Mindfulness tools are not just for people who have an hour a day to meditate or only for people who can easily empty their mind. I will teach you tools you can use in YOUR life. You’ll learn that even when you can’t control or change things, you can find peace in the way you react.

Think this might be just what you need?

Here’s how the course works:

  • 6 weeks of easy to digest video lessons of mindful practices to try at your own pace, delivered on Thursdays.
  • A few days later, participate in a 45-minute online video class, for practice and support, with a small sisterhood group. These group meetings will be recorded, and you’ll have access to watch them whenever you like.
  • Online group meetings: Mondays.
  • You’ll be able to create your own practical plan for best and most mindful self-care practices that work for YOU.
  • Course is $325 with a two-month-payment plan available.

OR If you feel you work better with one on one attention check this out...This may all sound great to you but you’d really rather have some private time with me so you can focus more deeply on creating your personal plan for calming your emotions, and taking better care of yourself.

You can still sign up for the course, and attend the group sessions if you wish, or simply view them later at a time that’s convenient for you.
AND have 2 45 minute sessions with me during the six week period, where we’ll discuss your particular needs and make sure we set up a plan that works for you in your life, to stay on track with your self care.

In this gold level of course, the price is $650, with a two-month-payment plan available.

(I only have space for three people at this one-to-one level so if this interests you, let me know as soon as possible.)


As a woman of color and long-time therapist, I personally know how powerful the practice of mindfulness can be towards building good relationships with your people and yourself. Mindfulness calms and heals the pain of living in a racist, busy society, and empowers people to be their best selves. I am one of few women of color sharing mindful practices and want to make it accessible, practical and comfortable for anyone who has suffered being an “other” or being marginalized or underrepresented in this society.

I’d love it if you chose to join me in this deeply meaningful online course to go from your Hot Mess to creating your own Calm Oasis!

Still have questions?

Contact me here if you have any questions or if I can help you decide if this program is right for you at this time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Or check out these Q&As to learn more.