Ready to try social distancing with some heart?

You’re feeling anxious, tired, scared, overwhelmed with all the coronavirus madness.
You’ve been panic shopping or eating everything in sight, or news binging.
And it’s not making you feel so good.
You can’t seem to quiet your mind during the day or night.

What if you could carve out a little bit of calm every day and not feel so out of control?
What if you could quiet that racing heart and take some action that helped you to feel better?


I’ve put together a FREE Calm Balm for this March of (Coronavirus) Madness:

  • A 30-minute online workshop to learn about compassionate ways to take care of yourself during these difficult times. Join me on Thursday, March 19, 10:00 am PT (live, but there will be a recording that you can get only if you sign-up)
  • Two weeks of daily 10-minute videos straight into your inbox, with a guided meditation to soothe your soul.

Getting a little help to find your inner calm on a daily basis can be the difference in feeling like you can manage things or not.

I am Cindi Rivera and I’ve been helping adults, couples and teens, especially POC, to live peacefully and with heart, with their people, and with themselves, for almost 30 years.

Calm Balm for the March Madness Soul
Starts Thursday, March 19 at 10:00 AM PT.
Sign up to join and to receive the recording and all the calming videos.

Share this FREE opportunity with all your folks who are struggling too.