Gripes, Griefs and Gratitudes
Care for the Emotional Experience of WOC in Corona Virus Time

Join me for a Free Webinar for Women of Color to talk about COVID’s impact

Are you feeling anxious, worried, lonely, sad, at a loss, frustrated, lacking control, or angry about your situation since shelter in place?

As a WOC, are you in a state of constant grief for how this virus is impacting brown and black communities especially?

Do you need a little more support, connection, understanding during this time of isolation?
Are you having a hard time sleeping, or not over-eating everything in sight?
Do you crave to know that you are not alone?

Join me on May 12 for a gathering of WOC hearts and souls to talk about how you’re being impacted by the coronavirus in small and large ways.

And to practice some calming tools and learn some tips for how to manage whatever the future brings, with a little more peace in your heart.

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Our black and brown communities have been hit hardest by the coronavirus. There’s so much we are shouldering as WOC.

It is super important that we give some time and attention to caring for our own mental health, so we can carry-on this hard road that lies ahead of us.