Oasis Program

Hot Mess to Cool Oasis in 6 Weeks

Six doable lessons to more calm and less overwhelm

An online course for busy, warm-hearted folks

Learn mindfulness skills to feel better and more peaceful in your busy life, with six lessons of easy to access tools that are simple but profoundly impactful.

You’re super-busy. You don’t want one more thing on your to-do list.

“Doing mindfulness helps me to breathe and think about what I’m going to say next. I haven’t been yelling at my husband as much since I’ve been using it.” – Shondra

Are you dealing with any of this?

  • Conflicts and stress with loved ones
  • Experiencing too much stress and tension in your body
  • Worry, frustration or anxiety every day or most days
  • Thoughts and feelings you feel you “shouldn’t” be having
  • Overwhelm in your daily life
  • Feeling these feelings too much of the time: unhappiness, anger, sadness, frustration, anxiousness, stress, worry, loneliness, joylessness
  • Searching endlessly for ways to fix your life and do things better
  • Feeling shame
  • Everything feels so hard

Here’s how this course can change your life:

  • Feel more clear, confident, and focused
  • Accept, understand and tolerate your feelings better
  • Feel more supported and understood
  • Relate better to loved ones by not trying to change them
  • Discover that there is more time for you
  • Find ways to feel better quickly
  • Feel less hurried and more peaceful
  • Feel good about your decisions
  • Slow your racing heart down
  • Develop more resilience for the challenges of life
  • Communicate better with loved ones
  • Feel better about yourself and your capacities
  • Learn how to have more kindness in your life.

TRUTH: Mindfulness tools are NOT just for people who have an hour a day to meditate. I will teach you tools you can use in YOUR life. You’ll learn that even when you can’t control or change things, you can find peace in the way you react.

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This course will benefit you if any of this describes you:

  • You’re someone who’s dealing with a lot on your plate
  • You’ve been through more than your share of heartache.
  • You’ve already done a lot of work to understand yourself, but you need more support
  • You work hard to be a good friend, parent, partner, son or daughter, professional.
  • You want the benefits of mindfulness, but you’re not sure you have the time for it.
  •  You haven’t found a mindfulness group that feels like home
  • You’re a person of color or someone who appreciates the chance to be part of a diverse group of warm wonderful individuals

Testimonials from wonderful, busy folks:

“I had a wonderful and powerful experience with the meditations.” – Susan

“The HEAL mindfulness practice we did was a great culminating practice for the day. It made me go deeper and grapple, more than just relax. It helped me to open up more. Exciting!” – Diana

“I learned a lot about myself in a short time and found nonjudgmental space for myself.”        – Kate

“ This course was an oasis in the middle of my week. I found myself paying attention to how I think about things throughout the week and liked being conscious of paying attention. I felt a lot of peacefulness throughout the week”– Primula

Here’s how the course works:

Each week for six weeks you will receive a lesson that will take about 15 – 20 minutes to digest, that will include video, audio and written parts about bringing mindfulness into your daily life. You can do these and practice between sessions at your own pace.

A few days later, we will have a 45 minute group call to deepen your experience. We’ll see how the practices are going, offer feedback, answer questions and make sure it’s working for YOU. Each lesson contains a combination of talk about the benefits of mindfulness in daily life, along with my favorite and most impactful guided meditations, writing practices and videos designed to help you create an oasis of calm in your busy life and to appeal to your different ways of learning.


But I really don’t have time for this.

This course is designed for busy souls who are juggling a hundred responsibilities. People like you have found they could not only benefit from the course when they first do the practices, but they can continue to find ways to use these skills in their daily lives.

All of the lessons are broken down into short manageable pieces that you can do in your own time. The calls will be recorded so if you can’t make all of them, you can listen later when the time is right for you.  You will discover that the benefits of mindfulness last much longer than the actual minutes spent doing a practice. Your life is too important to not spend a few minutes a day checking in with yourself!

cr-reserve-your-place-nowMy name is Cindi Rivera and I would love to help you bring more peace to your busy life.

I am a woman of color bilingual therapist who cares deeply about helping people to gain freedom from the painful struggles of daily life. I specialize in helping adults, couples and teens to feel good about themselves and their relationships. In over 25 years of family service and private practice experience, I have been described to be warm, thoughtful, sensitive, accepting, down-to-earth, calm and deeply present. I am known to be fearless about feelings and I believe mindfulness skills are possible for everyone.

Do you have some questions? Let’s talk!

Email me at [email protected] or call (510) 482-4445. I can answer any questions you have about this program and help you decide if it’s right for you.

Cindi Rivera, MFT
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