Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Individual Therapy

You might benefit from individual therapy if you have been feeling down or depressed for awhile; or experiencing stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Talking to me about your worries or private concerns will give you insight, understanding and personal freedom. Early in your work with me, you will begin to feel better and have a stronger sense of how to manage your emotions.

To get a sense of my voice and what it feels like to work with me, please listen here for a five minute guided meditation meant to be helpful around handling your feelings related to anxiety or depression.

Often clients seek my help when they feel lonely, sad, angry or struggle with parenting issues, or are not feeling good enough about themselves; or are dealing with a recent relationship break up or divorce. Most everyone I see wants to improve their relationships in some way; have more effective communication, or get unstuck about something that’s been bothering them. Often my clients need help to deal with a painful loss, grief, or trauma that has impacted them deeply, or in creating healthier balance with their work and personal lives.

I can help you to deal with the areas of your life that are most important to you, and most personal (work, family, career, relationships, self) – and the challenging experiences of your past, present and future. I listen deeply, help you to hear your own hidden voice; offer insights that you may not have considered before; help you to learn to express yourself fully and in positive ways, so you feel empowered to improve your important relationships, or move forward in the areas of your life that matter most. My clients say they learn new ways of thinking, feeling, doing and being; they feel better about themselves; they feel freer in their lives; they get unstuck; and they experience my acceptance and lack of judgment as something very healing to them, when they work with me. When you talk to me, I will be very empathic and present to whatever your concerns are; listening deeply to you and your story, and listening beyond to what might not even be spoken out loud.

I do individual therapy with adults and teenagers. Usually our sessions last 50 minutes and can be arranged once per week or every other week. Together we will look at old ineffective patterns, give full voice to your thoughts and feelings; address what gets in your way presently; practice mindfulness, and create new solutions for feeling better and living life more the way you would like. I explore with you, your current concerns, as well as past relationships and experiences, in order to create a plan for moving forward in your life that makes the most sense for you. I look forward to meeting you and sharing in your journey.

Please contact me by phone at (510) 482-4445, email or text to set up an appointment.