stacking-stones-667432_1280My name is Cindi Rivera and I am a Marriage, Family Therapist who provides individual, couple and adolescent psychotherapy. It is my honor to help people build their relationships and feel better in their work and personal lives. It takes courage to reach out and ask for help when you or a loved one is struggling. That you are looking at this now tells me you have already taken an important step toward changing what you can in order to improve your relationships, with others and with yourself. I work with individuals, couples and adolescents struggling with depression, anxiety or difficulties in their relationships.

To get a sense of my voice and what it feels like to work with me, listen here for a five minute guided meditation meant to be helpful around handling your emotions.

Everyone needs help sometimes to face and deal with problems of every day living. You might be worried about how well you are parenting or about your child’s strong emotions or problematic behavior; or you might be facing an impending divorce, or loss of an important relationship. You might be tired of feeling down and weepy all the time; or having ongoing arguments with your spouse, that never get resolved. You may have suffered a very painful childhood, that still affects you. You or your teenager might be highly anxious about getting into college or the next big transition your family is facing (empty nesting, illness, job loss, birth, marriage, death, etc). All of these experiences are reasonable to talk to a therapist about. You can share your concerns with me, and I will help you to hold them, understand them, and move forward at a pace that’s comfortable for you toward your own greater sense of peace.

I will listen deeply to you as you unload what hurts; help you to articulate your feelings and discover your own voice; teach you mindfulness skills to help build more effective communication with yourself and others; explore ways of building self-esteem and self-compassion; and guide you down a path of freedom from the binds of what ails you and toward rich personal empowerment and understanding.

Please call or email me for an individual, couples/marriage, adolescent or family therapy consultation today. I also offer Stress Management & Mindfulness Skills and Courses for Teens and Adults, Group Therapy and Workshops, Parenting Support, Immigration Reports, Grief Counseling, Work and Career Issues Support, Multicultural and Ethnic Sensitivity. I am a woman of color, and bilingual Spanish speaking.

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