A Calming Practice for Anxiety

Hi There!

Just sharing a short video of a short calming practice that might be useful to you when you feel your anxiety creeping up and you notice you’re feeling upset. I’ve shared this practice a lot with couples who are feeling tense and near the edge, (or over the edge!) of an argument.

The important thing is to take a pause and be intentional about trying to calm oneself. These touch and contact points help to ground you, and actually help to slow your heartbeat down, so you can proceed with more calm. It doesn’t magically make everything better and doesn’t take all the anxiousness away totally, but it definitely gives you a good direction to move in and helps to slow things down, so you don’t get too reactive.

Check it out and see if it’s something that helps you and that you can add to your tool bag!

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If you or anyone you know and love is having difficulty with finding your place of calm, please contact me for a therapy appointment.