“Step outside of the mud, Daniel-san”

Change is Constant I haven’t been able to write a blog in over three months. And now it’s the end of Mental Health Awareness Month (well, that was back in May, and I never acknowledged it), and over a month past the year’s anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, and over a year of pandemic shut…

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Handling Big Feelings During This Challenging Time

The first offering of my Calm Balm for the Madness of March just finished. It’s not too late to sign up and get it if you missed the first run. Plus, it looks like coronavirus is here to stay through April and beyond, so I’m sure you’ll have many moments (or days on end) to…

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Anxiety and the Coronavirus
(…and a little mindfulness too.)

I crossed paths with a colleague today who I have high regard for and asked how he was doing. He answered with a worried look on his face that he was feeling especially nervous and anxious. I instantly felt compassion for him and asked what exactly he was feeling anxious about, or if it was…

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