A Belated Valentine for My Couples ❤

I was feeling a little blue on Valentine’s Day – or maybe it was more gray – like the dreary sky outside. I was feeling a little sad, a little down, a little “butt-hurt“ as they say, about nothing in particular really, just a feeling of loneliness, feeling a little devalued, and unseen. Again, no…

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Healing Racism and Couple Relationships with similar means

I am discovering (or being reminded really) that a lot of the best tools and techniques for getting along better with your partner, apply to the act (art) of healing racism. If you’re looking to heal your couple relationship, or wondering about how to have better race relations, consider the following. The point is to…

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(My) Challenges of Working alongside a Partner who is not your Coworker

Or how to move through your struggles with your quarantine mate Funny story: While I was cleaning the bathroom, I was listening to a couples therapy training (for couples therapists) on my headphones, specifically about how to make a rapid repair of the beginnings of an argument, before it catches fire and turns into a…

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