Mental Health

July is BIPOC mental health awareness month…How’s yours?

For an easy mental health boost, download this beautiful design, and color it in, letting yourself put all of your attention on it. See if it helps you to release some tension. Image courtesy of   Systemic barriers, historical adversity and a lack of equitable mental health care for diverse communities are contributing factors…

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“Step outside of the mud, Daniel-san”

Change is Constant I haven’t been able to write a blog in over three months. And now it’s the end of Mental Health Awareness Month (well, that was back in May, and I never acknowledged it), and over a month past the year’s anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, and over a year of pandemic shut…

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Tips for Self-Soothing in Testy Times


How to help yourself to not make things worse. I know stress levels are high right now for everyone. As we are upon this year‘s anniversary of having our lives be turned upside down in ways we hadn’t known before, and having to manage new levels of complexity while we try to move through a…

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Honoring what we’ve been through

This tunnel seems so long… This is a longish reflection of what it feels like to be at this moment in time, with an effort to acknowledge all that we’ve been through. I also share four experiences that have been soul-stirring for me, in the last few weeks, that have helped me to feel connected…

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Got your After-Vote Care Plan together?

So everyone’s got their plan for voting, right? You know when you’re going to vote, or where, for whom, or when you’ll drop off your ballot if you’ve already completed it. You may even know already if your ballot has been received – or not received yet. (Happy to say my ballot has been received!)…

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Before and After taking my OASIS course…and a Bonus too!

Just giving you a head’s up that I’m offering a lovely online course for Women of Color who want to create some caring space for their hearts and souls during this really upsetting and challenging world we’re living in. If this sounds like you, please read on! The Before and After of taking my ‘Hot…

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