POC mental health

Black Lives Matter

Because I haven’t said it clearly yet (my last weekly email was rather rambling, you may have noticed), I would like to put it out there that BLACK LIVES MATTER …In fact, they are SACRED. And I stand in solidarity with fellow BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to fight against systemic racism, white supremacy,…

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Hold space for wherever you’re at

There’s so much to say. There are so few words. Or maybe it’s just so hard to put into words what the body is feeling. Or to find the words that come close to the real experience. My brain seems to be scrambling the sensations from my heart and body and mind and not able…

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July is Minority Mental Health Month

Depression and anxiety are not weaknesses Here is a list of things that we might keep in mind, those of us who are, ourselves, underrepresented or who care for others who are, when trying to enhance our mental health, or that of those we love. Parents especially can create – and need to be supported…

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