I have a BMW for you…(a Body, Mind, World mindfulness break that is!)

We all need a break. So take one with this video!

We are all going through so much these days, and have such little time to deal in any meaningful way. So much feels topsy turvy, out of control, or just flat out upside down.

In that spirit, I’m offering a BMW to you, to help you get right side up. Not a real car actually, or a gimmick to win a car, but a mindfulness break that tends to your Body, Mind and World. And it’s a ten minute video this time (not thousands of words to read!).

So put your feet up and take a ride in this BMW I got for you. Peaceful journey to you.

If you or someone you care about is having a hard time taking a mental or emotional break these days, please contact me for an individual or couples therapy appointment, or check out my website for more resources.

Take good care.