Thanksgiving ABC’s 2020

Each year at this time of year I try to do this little exercise: Thanksgiving ABC’s, where I list something that starts with each letter of the alphabet that I am grateful for. Here’s my list for 2020. It indicates things I have learned or been impacted by or had my heart touched by. And to take the time to pause and be mindful about this is a restorative and heartfelt experience. I encourage you to do the same, especially this year when gathering with loved ones is so challenging. Peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving, Or Unthanksgiving Day/ National Day of Mourning (commemorating the survival of indigenous peoples of the Americas following European colonization), no matter how you spend it. May you be safe. May you be happy. May be free from suffering.

Awareness of racism and how to be an Antiracist

Body I’m learning to check in more with

Couples Corazón Course I’ll offer next year (This auto-corrected this way and I thought it sounded nice 😉 )

Dance – watching others or doing it myself

Essential workers – thank you, gracias, thank you! 🙏🏽


Granddaughter, generous with glee

Hurt that gets articulated rather than causing harm

Indigenous People’s Sunrise Ceremony



Laughter and squeals from a certain 11-month-old

Mindfulness and Mourning – keeping me connected to loved ones; & the Midnight Moon

Nights when I sleep well

Office to work in Online

Persimmons and Primos and Parents

Queries in breakout sessions that invite soul sharing

Rest and Renewal

Solidarity and Spectacular Sunsets

Tiny Tender Transformations

Understanding or being Understood, and the way they make your heart soften


Woke-ness and Wonder

Xenophobia’s eradication or X-ray showing my kidney stone has passed

Yardwork bringing beautiful bounty and beauty fourth

Zoom for making pandemic connections still possible; and Zen when you can get away from zoom!

What are the ABC’s of your gratitude? I’d love to hear. Take good care.

If you or someone you care about is needing support through this very difficult time, please call me for a therapy appointment, or check out the many free offerings I have listed on my website. Blessings.