“Step outside of the mud, Daniel-san”

Change is Constant I haven’t been able to write a blog in over three months. And now it’s the end of Mental Health Awareness Month (well, that was back in May, and I never acknowledged it), and over a month past the year’s anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, and over a year of pandemic shut…

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Tips for Self-Soothing in Testy Times


How to help yourself to not make things worse. I know stress levels are high right now for everyone. As we are upon this year‘s anniversary of having our lives be turned upside down in ways we hadn’t known before, and having to manage new levels of complexity while we try to move through a…

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New Year Mindfulness, a few moments of peace

Whew! What a time. On Friday I heard someone wish a Happy December 37th of 2020, with a promise that the New Year was still to come and would actually start next week. What’s happened in the first week of 2021 has felt too much like the heaviness and challenge that we are all exhausted…

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Holidays with Compassion, Kindness, Heart and Health

There are so many things we have given up or lost, since being impacted by Covid. Dining out, gathering with friends and family, “going” to school, seeing and meeting people in person or face-to-face, being present for our dear one’s celebrations, being present for our dear ones’ losses or funerals, being able to work at…

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