Tips for Self-Soothing in Testy Times


How to help yourself to not make things worse. I know stress levels are high right now for everyone. As we are upon this year‘s anniversary of having our lives be turned upside down in ways we hadn’t known before, and having to manage new levels of complexity while we try to move through a…

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Handling Big Feelings During This Challenging Time

The first offering of my Calm Balm for the Madness of March just finished. It’s not too late to sign up and get it if you missed the first run. Plus, it looks like coronavirus is here to stay through April and beyond, so I’m sure you’ll have many moments (or days on end) to…

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More Beautiful for Being Broken

I’ve had an Idea Explosion this week; (like fireworks where each brilliant display sparks the next, bursting in the sky with sparkle and surprise), thanks to some deep involvement with a mastermind group I recently participated in. I’m not sure what’s given me more energy and creativity – that cohesion and support with my peers…

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