Can you feel it happening?

COVID Wisdom

This too shall pass. Coronavirus will not last forever, even though it already feels like it’s been way too long…In the big picture, this is just a moment in history. Yet, things are already changing. Not certain into what exactly…

But did you know that this challenging time actually provides the prime conditions for building resilience and wisdom? Who’d a thunk?

Dealing with adversity, even though it is frustrating, learning new ways to cope, being forced to think outside the box of what is familiar to us, tending to our losses, big and small, slowing down to deal with the moment at hand, all build our resilience – our capacity to face and move through difficult things.

The UP side of the stress we are facing these days, is that we are getting well-practiced in the art of developing wisdom. We are deeply knowing some things we never could have imagined before. We have insights, awareness, deep understandings of experiences we never could have fathomed.

We are having crazy powerful dreams or creative relentless energy pulsing through our veins. We’ve broadened our capacity for compassion for many people we only minimally spent time thinking about before. We have incorporated some epic marathon strategic planning in one moment and remembered to pause to breathe in the next.

Our thoughts and feelings have run a bit amuck, and we know more clearly what we need and what the planet needs, to be able to calm down. We have recognized the call to help, to extend a hand to our brothers and sisters who suffer greater indignities and losses, than our own personal inconveniences. Our sense of humanity has been enhanced.

Sure, maybe we can’t quite identify all those precious wisdom yet, or make sense or give meaning to the depth of our experience, but those wisdom are formulating as we grapple and struggle.

Did you ever expect to live through such a time – the kind of time and experience that can’t help but make us grow wiser? No one ever gained wisdom without encountering profound challenges.


So, don’t forget to consider yourself wiser, more resilient, more together than you imagine, through all of this. Even if it’s only wiser enough to admit there are many things you don’t understand yet!

What kinds of wisdom have you experienced through all of this? What’s making more sense to you as you carry on? Please share. I’d love a peek at what you’re feeling wiser (or almost wiser!) about.

Hang in there, WISE ONE! And take good care.

If you or someone you love is having difficulty encountering your own inner wisdom and sense of resilience, please know that I am offering online individual and couple therapy sessions.

Also, I have some free offerings to help find calm during difficult times.