My Birthday Wish: Peace and Healing for POC (and a gift for you)

It is my birthday month and my gift to myself is to hold listening spaces for other marginalized folks, in support of the deep work of healing, while we are in the midst of the ravages of racial injustice, on top of being in the midst of coronavirus.

We are definitely in this for the long haul and we all need to be able to get some support throughout the process. Self-care is especially important during these unprecedented times.

I want to share the many blessings I have received, and give a gift, to BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

I am offering four FREE Listening and Healing Circles, to talk about whatever’s on your mind, heart and soul, as we move into 4+ weeks post George Floyd‘s death, and the Great Awakening about Racial Injustice. This is specifically for self-identified POC, who would like to be in a safe healing space (online), with a facilitator and others who look like you.

We are collectively feeling the trauma of racial injustice…Why is it that Blacks make up 13+% of the whole US population, but only 5% of the numbers of doctors? And even worse, 23% of deaths from COVID-19?

I want to gift POC some safe and sacred time and space to talk freely about your emotions, thoughts, what’s happening in your body; stress, trauma, grief, joys – whatever has been your newly gained wisdom from these experiences going on in our society currently. (Of course, we realize these painful racist experiences have been going on for centuries, but the Awakening is current.)

I hope you’ll join me to get some extra support, to get through these times. Come, feel your feels, be seen and heard, have the weight of your rage, sorrow shared, be cared for, and realize you are beautiful and important, simply for being here.

There are too few therapists of color available, and access to emotional healing for POC is limited. For that reason I’m making this offer available only to People of Color. White people, you can do good ally work by sharing this with your Black and Brown friends!

Please join me on:

Fridays, July 10 & 24, and August 7 & 21, from 4:45-6:00 pm PT for a FREE zoom gathering.

Reserve your place and get your zoom link.


I’ve turned 60 and long before COVID settled in, I had plans to travel to Italy – to experience life and culture that was far older than I am. But plans have changed and I am sheltering in place instead. Not being able to travel is one of the greatest losses I am experiencing.

That, and not being able to hug my parents and familia, and hold them close. (They still tell me I am the highlight of their day, when I do see them. I am very blessed to have been raised by two loving, generous, hardworking and courageous parents.)

This is a milestone birthday for me. I have lived six decades and learned a lot. This newest decade, the 2020’s and my seventh, has already proven to teach me even more than I could ever have imagined learning over an entire lifetime. And it’s only June!

I have been learning and UN-learning so much. I feel as if I’m trying to sip water from a firehose. I am touched and at times overwhelmed with being on the growing edge of my own courage and wisdom. One is never too old to learn!

I am so appreciative of the wisdom shared with me over these years, by my ancestors, children, family, friends, clients, mentors, the world. I definitely have “wisdom hair” to show for my abundant learnings (and unlearnings). I have traded the loss of travel (a major privilege of mine) for a huge boost in wisdom, and I humbly offer some healing space as a way of gifting back.

Come, join me, share where you’re at, what you might be struggling with, or hopeful about. Sorrows and joys.

Please join me for one or all sessions:

Fridays, July 10 & 24, and August 7 & 21, from 4:45-6:00 pm PT for a zoom gathering. FREE. Invite a friend.

Reserve your place and get your zoom link.


I look forward to seeing you and hearing your experiences. I will also be offering some mindfulness tools to help manage the waves of emotions that are surrounding us all.

Take good care. If you or someone you love would like access to more free offerings to help get through this challenging time, please check out my website here.