De-Stress with Your Breath: A FREE Gift for WOC

Just wanted to let you know about my newest FREE offering…

These are certainly crazy and painful times and it’s hard to know where and how to get some support for all the feelings we are experiencing. Now, more than ever, as so many “pandemics“ have conflagrated into a huge fire storm (literally and figuratively) it’s important to have a way of grounding ourselves and taking a moment to catch our breath (literally and figuratively).

I have put together a

De-stress with your Breath video series – a week’s worth of breathing exercises for Women of Color

who are facing different stressors in their lives – the stress of anger, or sadness and grief, or the stress of self-doubt, or overwhelm, or the general stress of living in a hurtful world.

This week of simple breathing practices will come to your email box, each day for a week; and be highlighted with an Awesome Virtual ‘Massage’ Body Scan, and Nature slide show video, that will make you feel as if you’ve had a lovely head-to-toe-on-the-outside-and-inside-as-well massage that is sure to make your body and soul feel wonderful and restored. Please sign up for this FREE gift here:



And feel free to share it with friends or family or coworkers who you think could use some added support during these difficult times.

Don’t miss this. Once again, sign up to get your De-stress with your Breath and Awesome Virtual Massage Video Series here:



I am very proud of this FREE offering and looking forward to sharing it with you. I know focusing on my breath has been the most helpful thing I’ve done to deal with all the tumultuousness, trauma and fear of these unprecedented times…

(Like schooling kids while trying to work at home, being confined for months on end, seeing the damage and destruction happening to our democracy, experiencing intensified anxiety and grief as we witness the inhumane treatment of Black and Brown and POC lives, hearing daily expressions of hatred and marginalization from political “leaders“, fire storms raging, air so thick you can hardly breathe -literally and figuratively; nightmare-filled sleep, so many sick and dying from Covid, isolation, strained couple relationships, our poor Mother Earth weeping and suffocating…)…

…Notice your breath right after reading that.

…If you noticed a tightening or shallowness, or quickening, or any tension come up anywhere in your body, you will appreciate this De-stress with your Breath series…

…And if you didn’t notice anything, you’ll appreciate the DE-STRESS WITH YOUR BREATH VIDEO GUIDE’s help to connect more with your body, which is where the real healing takes place.

Sign up now and it’ll start coming to your email box right away.



Sending blessings, peace in your heart and soul, and health and safety. If you or somebody you care about is having difficulty catching your breath or feeling like you can manage everything that’s going on, please call me for an individual or couples therapy appointment.