Inviting You to a Special Webinar

Inviting you to a special webinar

If you are a Woman of Color, please join me on Monday, October 19, from 4:45 to 5:15 PM for a ‘De-stress with your Breath’ webinar.

I’ll be sharing five different breath practices to help with different stressors you may be encountering at this time…

The stress of anger, loss and sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, or living in a hurtful world.

I have been hearing from so many about the impact of the many layers of stress that seem to be piling up, creating such a state of overwhelm and struggle.

I believe these breath practices and tools are essential for living more gently during this time of increased complexity and challenge, and a beautiful way to take better care of your soul.

If you sign up you’ll get the recording of the webinar after, AND you’ll get a bonus ‘Awesome Virtual Massage Body Scan’, designed to make you feel as if you have just had a lovely, replenishing massage, that is sure to make your body and soul feel wonderful and restored.

Please take a break from your busy day to join me on Monday, October 19 for a De-stress with your Breath webinar, for Women of Color.

I look forward to sharing some calming time with you.

Feel free to share this special offering with friends and family.


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