Couples of Color Communicating with ❤️Heart Workshops coming

Would you like some tools to improve your relationship?

I am excited to share that as we come to the end of this year, I am refining the focus of my therapy practice, to work more with couples.

Currently I consider myself a “Wisdom-Haired, Warm-Hearted Woman of Color Therapist who Works with Individuals and Couples – especially People of Color – to improve and heal relationships”.

I love to work with folks on, and in their relationships (with a partner, with a family member, and/ or with themselves) in a way that takes into account the pressures and gifts of race, ethnicity, culture and ancestral heritage, families of origin, along with the day to day impact of dealing with an often time oppressive society at large, on their present day relationships.

Along with the experience and growth I have gained in my own 40 year plus, long-term mostly happy (but definitely with some challenges) marriage, I have committed to deep training for working with couples, and I’m excited to bring my own Woman of Color perspective into that arena, as I work with other People of Color who may be struggling in their relationships, but who have intention to be the best partner they can be, and a willingness to transform those relationships.

I have so much rich heart and mind information I look forward to sharing, and I believe in making mental health accessible to everyone.

In that spirit I am offering some free monthly workshops designed to teach POC couples some very foundational skills for creating connected and resilient relationships that last. I focus on emotional regulation (staying calm in conflict) and differentiation (ability to balance separateness and togetherness) as ways to get stronger within each individual AND have the strongest connection possible in the partnership. I believe that healing our relationship with ourselves, and with our partners is the best way to make the world a better place, one relationship at a time, and is what supports us to face and handle the stressors and hurts so prevalent in our world.

Starting in October, I will offer three free online workshops that focus on:

  • Calming oneself down in order to not go too far off track when you or your partner loses it (or ‘How to not lose your shit when communicating’)
  • How to be an effective communicator so your partner will want to listen (or ‘How to peacefully speak your piece’)
  • How to be an empathic listener so your partner connects with you (or ‘How to really listen when your partner speaks’).

Following those workshops (in early 2022), I’ll be offering a six session paid course for couples of color, to more deeply go into and develop these tools… more info to come about that.

In the meantime, if you or a POC couple you care about is interested in learning some tools to deepen your relationship, please check out my free three part series. You can come with your partner or on your own, to one or all sessions. It’s not too late to view any of the videos that have already happened. When you sign up you’ll get links to each workshop.

As you probably know, you can positively impact your own well being when you are working on your relationship in a positive way, and likewise, when you work on yourself, you can positively impact your relationship. These workshops can help you get some tools to work on both areas – your sense of self and your closeness with your partner. I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming workshops. Take good care.

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