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(My) Challenges of Working alongside a Partner who is not your Coworker

Or how to move through your struggles with your quarantine mate Funny story: While I was cleaning the bathroom, I was listening to a couples therapy training (for couples therapists) on my headphones, specifically about how to make a rapid repair of the beginnings of an argument, before it catches fire and turns into a…

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Uplift Your Relationship

Two simple things you can do this week to bring Goodwill to your Couple Relationship. Have you started the new year with energy and hope? Are you making strides on all of those resolutions you made? Are you excited about new things you’re working toward? Or maybe do you feel exhausted from the holidays still,…

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How “Weakness” makes you Stronger

Today I’m talking about the dreaded V-word – not violence, but vulnerability. Well, I’m not sure if it really is dreaded, but I do know that when I mention it to (many of) my clients, I see a flicker of a look in their eyes that looks like dread or horror to me.

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