Mother's Day Mindfulness

Take a few moments noticing your breath and pausing to think about your mother, grandmother, aunties, or anyone else who has been an important mother figure in your life. Someone who helped you to be here. Notice what you think and feel about them. Send your appreciation, love, kindness to them for two to three quiet minutes, whether they are currently present in your life or not. While thinking about them, place your hand on your heart and see if you can feel the warmth of the love you have for them. Feel how that feels in your body, heart and mind. Now imagine them sending their love to you through that same hand-heart portal. Notice your feelings.

Now, take three deep, slow long breaths in, and three deeper, slower longer breaths out. Close your eyes, if you haven’t already. Take a few moments to reflect on these questions about yourself as a mother. Ask yourself each question; pause and sit quietly, mindfully considering the answers for one to two minutes each. If you like, you can privately reflect on them, or free-write your answers in a journal…

  • What personal strength are you proudest of as a mom?
  • What in your relationship with your kids brings you the most joy?
  • What words describe how you want to be as a mother? (What’s your intention for mothering?)
  • What things are your children most grateful to you about as their mom (whether they say it or not)?
  • What do you love about being a mother?

Take the time to savor the answers to these questions. Let the feelings flow through your body, and notice how you feel. Offer yourself the following gift of loving kindness:

May you be honored for the beautiful mother that you are. May you have peace in your heart about your role as mother. May you be happy. May you be blessed with the love you’ve shared, returned to you a thousand-fold. May you know you are enough just as you are. May you feel loved and special. May you be filled with loving kindness.

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