No Time To Add To Your To Do list?

“I would love to take your course but I really cannot fit one more thing into my day.”

I know you are busy with at least 10 top priorities to take care of every single day. You can’t get all of your work done during regular work hours; you have important presentations to make, but no time when you feel awake enough to do the preparation; the kids always seem to let you know at the last minute that they need something for school, or they have a meltdown just when you’re already late; your house is not as organized as you would like it to be because there’s no extra time to do the extra projects it needs; you have family members who are sick or struggling and who you try to make quality time for; you could really use an assistant to help you get everything done, but there’s never anyone there and you find yourself alone, tired, angry, harried and doing it all by yourself.

I know the very idea of taking a mindfulness course in the midst of your already too busy life feels preposterous. Where will you ever find the time?

I have set up this course to provide you respite on several levels:

  • The lessons are short in duration – only 15 to 20 minutes to read or listen to, once a week.
  • Each lesson includes a short audio or written practice that can be done during the initial digesting of the material. You will feel an immediate calm or settling of your busy mind in those moments.
  • I have preselected the practices to reflect my favorite and most easily accessible ways to drop in and connect with your deeper self. Everything is distilled down to be easy and doable – and meaningful.
  • These practices are simple and short, and can be done anywhere, without any special tools. You can practice the practices in just a few minutes at a time, all, most, or some days.
  • Even if you don’t have a chance to practice any more than when you first read the lesson, you will have another opportunity to come back to your own Mindfulness when you join or listen to the calls.
  • You will discover that you are developing a part of yourself who looks out for you better and reminds you to be mindful.
  • You will find that you can fit your presence and mindful awareness into more and more moments of your day, no matter what you are doing – and that THAT is deeply restorative and freeing for you.
  • You’ll be able to create a plan or structure for yourself that you can count on – something to come home to – your ‘go to’ – that will always be there – to help support you. You don’t have to do everything on your own when you utilize the structure of the course.
  • You’ll learn tricks to remind yourself to be mindful regularly and with kindness.

You are used to helping out others and even prioritize caring for them. You take care of many responsibilities but realize you could do a little better at taking care of yourself. Instead  of getting down on yourself about this realization, why not take a course that will help you to build in and more easily practice better ways of caring for yourself?

This course will help you to find at a minimum one precious hour spread out throughout the week to tend to yourself and be more present. Which in turn will help you to tend better to your work and family life. This course will help you to engage more fully in the richness of your life that is already there, but that often feels so elusive. It will help you to create and sustain the structure that you already know you need, and it won’t be arduous to carve that out.

I’d love to see you invest in yourself and find your own OASIS in life. Please join me in this course.

Listening with Heart
Cindi Rivera, MFT
Marriage, Family Therapist
[email protected]

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