Where to Start When You Feel Overwhelmed

A FREE Webinar to Help You Mindfully Sblog-oct11how Up for Yourself

Join me for this free webinar to learn about easy and effective ways to bring more mindfulness into your warm-hearted busy life.

Mindfulness can help you to feel and be more present in your life and that can feel like a breath of fresh air – literally.

Most likely, if you have work and / or relationships in your life, and if you live in today’s society, you are busy and stressed. You may long for some down time; or feel beleaguered and not know where to start.

You have so many demands on your time and responsibilities to shoulder, but you always feel behind or not good enough in any of your roles. You feel weary or discouraged and often wish for (or cry for) things to be easier.

You often feel as if you’re always rushing to get somewhere else, or forever scrambling to catch up.

Your relationships, although important to you, don’t feel satisfying and there’s too much conflict. Or it always feels as if something is missing. All too often you feel weary and teary.

If this is your life, then this webinar will be a gift to you. A present of presence, soul soothing and kindness that will be like a salve to your wound.

      • You will learn about mindfulness and how it can help you
      • You will learn some easy and meaningful ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life
      • The practices you will learn and do will actually give you a break from the busy and overwhelm you carry – like a mini retreat.
      • If you like, you’ll be able to repeat the skills later or when you need to.
      • You won’t feel so overwhelmed.
      • You don’t need any special tools or experience.

Just bring yourself, your breath, and your heart. And maybe paper and pen or your phone, to be able to make a note to yourself.

In this FREE Webinar, I will:

      • Share some wisdom about Mindfulness
      • Provide some simple practices you can try out, in the comfort of your home or work place
      • Share some resources with you
      • Send you a recording of the webinar, in case you can’t make it live, or just want to listen again later
      • Send you a cheat sheet after the webinar that will help you to remember what we did.

I would be honored if you would join me at this free webinar to learn where to start when you feel overwhelmed.

Thursday, October 20 at 12:00 pm PT.


Please invite friends and loved ones you care about, who might need a little respite.

Thank you for your interest.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Don’t forget to reserve your place here:


Take good care.

Listening with Heart
Cindi Rivera, MFT
Marriage, Family Therapist
[email protected]
(510) 482-4445

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