Three Simple Tips for Calming Yourself Down in a Hot Mess World

Wishing you the balm of calm

I hope you’ve been able to enjoy some downtime this summer and that you’ve been able to participate in gatherings of your liking with people that you care about and enjoy being with. Hopefully, you’ve had some time to appreciate the warmth of the outdoors without the discomfort of too much heat (internally or externally!).

I hope you’ve had a chance to play around a little, maybe have a lighter schedule, maybe get to the ocean or mountains and experience their summertime glory.

My niece was just telling me about all the cool things she got to do while away at teen camp, and it sounded like so much fun, and brought back great memories of having all that freedom, and all those deep connections that get bonded during summer camp.

I think adults should have summer camp also, where you get to try new things, build new teams, laugh and play games, and run around carefree. We all need that kind of a break from the busyness and challenges of being responsible adults all year long.

Sometimes that can be in the form of a vacation. I hope you can or have taken a vacation and experienced a little respite, waking up on your own internal clock, and had a chance to just breathe.

I know though, that even if you have taken a vacation, or gone to summer camp this summer,  that you probably still feel stress at different times. Maybe realizing your summer is more than halfway over, or not having had much of a summer break at all, or having challenges at work that keep ramping up the pressure on you, or trying to keep your kids occupied through what feels like an already too long summer, or arguing with your partner while on vacation, or dealing with a myriad of microaggressions and the negativity of racism in your daily life.

To help you feel a little more calm when you are faced with different stressors, I’ve put together a nine-minute video for you that describes three practices you can use to calm yourself down in your life when you’re starting to feel the stress build. Wouldn’t you like to feel more at ease or have access to something that can put you more at ease the next time you have to deal with something stressful?

You can check them out here.     Tips for calm- video

There are three practices that wouldn’t take you more than two minutes each to give yourself a dose of calm balm. I hope you enjoy them and that they are helpful to you.

Here’s the video again:         Tips for calm- video

I’d love to hear how these tips for more calm work for you. Let me know what situations you might find them useful in.

May you be blessed with some downtime out there, so you can take some time to have calm time on the inside. Take good care.

If you or somebody you care about is having difficulty finding the calm in their lives,  Or managing the stress, please contact me for a therapy appointment.

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